Three Different Types Of SEO Practice & Techniques

SEO Techinques

Three Different Types Of SEO Practice & Techniques

SEO or search engine optimization is a framework of methods and control to be followed in order to boost website rankings appearing on search engine results. Businesses of all sizes, small and big are seeking the help of SEO techniques to gain popularity on platforms. The SEO technique helps build brand awareness of the business or website and can gain more reputation among customers which will in return boost sales and heighten profits. If you are a business owner and wish to make your site appear on the initial search engine rankings, seek the services of an SEO specialist for optimizing your website.

Prior going ahead with SEO service, these are the different types of SEO techniques.

White hat SEO

Considered the most popular SEO technique, white hat SEO technique utilizes various methods and techniques to improve its chances of search engine rankings and do not run with difficulty of search engine guidelines. Link acquisition campaigns backed by high-quality content and development, HTML optimization and restructuring and manual research are among few of the techniques availed under white hat SEO. A gradually progressive growth in rankings can be observed here.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a different type of SEO technique which functions by exploiting the weaknesses present in the algorithms or search engines in order to achieve a higher website ranking. Bear in mind that this specific technique of SEO is not following the rules and regulations set by search engines, notably Google. Few black hat techniques include link spam, keyword stuffing, hidden text, link, and cloaking. Availing this method will yield a short, rapid and unpredictable growth in ranking.


Grey hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is peculiar as it not either white or black and more of a combination of both. It is seen as a dual transformation from black to white and vice versa. Certain companies avail grey hat method to a limit when under pressure to produce significant results. The threshold is not crossed into black hat technique.


It is imperative to select that ideal SEO Company which intends to pursue white hat technique and methods and is under the rules and regulations and yields long term results.


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